Meet The RosmanSearch Team

We set out to create a completely new type of recruitment service—a truly expert, high integrity neurosurgery, neurology, urology, and gastroenterology search service you can trust.  We have developed a group of specially-trained recruiters for each specialty.  Expert physician recruitment requires detailed knowledge of all the subspecialties, different types of employment structures, and regional differences in reimbursement, malpractice, and compensation.  We live and breathe physician recruitment.  And we are here to help you.

Judy Rosman 2023
Judy Rosman Founder
Adam Stern Headshot
Adam Stern Chief Executive Officer
Beth Dery 2024
Beth Dery President & Chief Operating Officer
Ty Chambers
Ty Chambers President of Locum Tenens
Rick Bailey
Rick Bailey Partner, Director of Recruiting and Business Development
Corrie Wiegmann
Corrie Wiegmann Partner, Director of Locum Tenens
Marissa Whalen
Marissa Whalen Partner, Neurology Recruitment Manager
Bethany Smith, Advanced Practice Provider Recruiter
Bethany Smith Partner, Manager of Data Quality and Administration
Justin Baker
Justin Baker Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Angie Boyle
Angie Boyle Locum Tenens Credentialing Manager
Chelsea Burgess
Chelsea Burgess Urology Recruitment Consultant
Nancy Cusick
Nancy Cusick Partner, Neurosurgery and Ortho Spine Recruitment
Samantha 2024
Samantha Dorazio Partner, Neurology Recruitment
Andy Fadenholz
Andy Fadenholz Partner, Neurology Recruitment
Jack 2024
Jack Fischer Locum Tenens Neurosurgery Consultant
Donna Frazier
Donna Frazier Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Tori Gould
Tori Gould Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Scott Greenberg
Scott Greenberg Urology Recruitment Consultant
Margaret Gresham
Margaret Gresham Gastroenterology Recruitment Consultant
Jonathan Haines
Jonathan Haines Partner, Neurosurgery and Ortho Spine Recruitment
Tom Hassard
Tom Hassard National Business Development Manager
Jason Hermanutz
Jason Hermanutz Partner, Neurology Recruitment
Adam Hine, Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Adam Hine Partner, Neurology Recruitment
Becky Krywyj
Becky Krywyj Gastroenterology Recruitment Consultant
Quentin 2024
Quentin Lawrence Gastroenterology Recruitment Consultant
Cait 2024
Cait Lewis Locum Tenens Recruitment Coordinator
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan Gastroenterology Recruitment Consultant
Connor Olczak
Connor Olczak Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Sandy Oliveaux
Sandy Oliveaux Urology Recruitment Consultant
Gabriel Pewu
Gabriel Pewu Urology Recruitment Consultant
Rachel Prero
Rachel Prero Partner, Neurosurgery and Ortho Spine Recruitment
Tessa Rolleston
Tessa Rolleston Neurosurgery and OrthoSpine Recruitment Associate
Brandon Schumacher
Brandon Schumacher National Business Development Manager
Jennifer Sereda Headshot
Jennifer Sereda Neurology Recruitment Consultant
TJ Wasserman
TJ Wasserman Marketing Manager
Hannah Watene, Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Hannah Watene Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Andrea Winslow
Andrea Winslow Partner, Neurosurgery and Ortho Spine Recruitment
Charlie Wort
Charlie Wort Locum Tenens Hospitalist Consultant
Headshot Placeholder
Jenn Wright National Business Development Manager
Kelly Zimmerman
Kelly Zimmermann Gastroenterology Recruitment Consultant
Database & Marketing Team

RosmanSearch's Database Team

Our firm's success is driven by our data! Our dedicated database team researches all residency programs, fellowships, and medical facilities in the United States. We also keep accurate and up-to-date details on market trends across the country to identify in-demand subspecialties. Our data-driven approach allows us to always target not just a great candidate, but the right candidate for your search.

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