While we love all our searches (truly!), there is nothing we enjoy more than finding the perfect physician executive to lead a division or program. There is something about finding the true needle in a haystack that excites us to no end. We love visiting your program, meeting the stakeholders, and doing in-depth research to learn exactly who will be the best fit to take your program to the next step. If you aren’t sure exactly what type of leader you need to solve your program’s greatest challenges, we can’t wait to explore and brainstorm the range of possibilities with you. We love the problem-solving aspects of bringing in new leadership, identifying the right fit, and then watching our adopted programs blossom and thrive and grow. When you engage us for a leadership search, we know we have a special opportunity to shine and make the most of all the data we have developed and the research we are uniquely qualified to do.

Our experience includes recruiting Chiefs and Chairs, Regional Physician Executives, Division Leaders, and Program Leaders in a wide range of subspecialties, and Regional Physician Executives. If you need help finding the right person to lead your program, call us.


Our process for successfully completing a physician leadership search consists of the following:



During the initial phase of the search, we will learn everything we can about your opportunity, the unique challenges you have the opportunity to solve, and the potential for future growth and development of the program. We will ensure that all questions are answered to ensure the highest chance of closing the search with the candidate of your choice. Our search consultant will visit your practice to meet with all of the stakeholders in the recruitment to understand the position, your culture and the nuances that will make the new leader successful. During the visit, we will also ensure that everyone is in agreement on the priorities for the position so that visiting candidates are given consistent messages.


You won’t believe our database until you see it in action. For Chief and Chairman searches, we can identify all the up-and-comers with significant leadership experience. Need a pediatric neurologist with a certain amount of experience? We have them ALL in our database. No, we aren’t exaggerating. How about Physician Executive with a background in endovascular neurosurgery and program building for a large health system? Yep, we can identify every potential prospect in the world of neurosurgery in the US. We can do this in any subspecialty in Neurosurgery, Neurology, Urology, and Gastroenterology because we really have invested that much in building our data.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your search parameters and priorities, we will use both our industry expertise as well as our proprietary database to develop a focused list of targeted, qualified prospective candidates. We have spent years building our data and have several dedicated database managers who spend all day, every day, making sure that our information is as accurate as it can possibly be. Because of our expertise in neurosurgery and neurology and our deep understanding of the world of academic neurosurgery and neurology in particular, we know the questions to ask in order to make sure we source appropriate candidates.

Our research is not limited to our database. For example, in a recent search for a Chief of Vascular Neurology, the institution needed someone with strong epidemiology research interests and preferred a candidate from an institution that was part of the NIH StrokeNet network. We researched every vascular neurologist at every academic medical center in the US, identified those that were part of StrokeNet institutions, and also used PubMed, internet resources, and personal recommendations to figure out which academic stroke neurologists had the right kind of research interests for our client. We have followed similar processes when searching for Program Chairs, Program Leaders in fields as diverse as Pediatric Neurosurgery and Cognitive Disorders Neurology. When we say we dig into the details, we mean it. Each of our specialties is in reality made of many subspecialties that have finite pools of qualified candidates. We dig deep to ensure we help you attract the best possible candidate pool. You don’t need to take our word for it. Ask us for references and our past clients will tell you how we performed, and how our service compared to other firms. Our goal is to be the best, and we are eager to put in the time to make sure we do the best possible job for you.


During this phase we will contact everyone on the focused list by phone and email, using cell phones when possible. For certain targeted prospects, we will follow up by U.S. mail with personalized letters as needed.

Phone Interview:

When a candidate who seems to meet your criteria expresses interest in learning more, we conduct an in-depth phone interview during which we share all the information about your opportunity and learn the nature of the candidate’s interest, how motivated they are to make a change, and whether your opportunity might be a good fit. While nobody can make a guarantee about what another person will do, we do our best to ascertain whether the interest is sincere and whether the candidate might be inclined to stay at his or her home program if given a counteroffer. We know how valuable your time is, and how much it costs in time, effort and money to interview a leadership candidate. Our goal is to do our best to ensure that your interview time is well-spent with qualified, serious candidates.


After we have obtained the interest of candidates that meet your criteria and conducted a successful telephone interview we will present them to you for evaluation and possible site visits. We will coordinate the agenda with you to ensure the most productive visits possible. We will also share with you those candidates we have contacted on your behalf but screened out through our vetting, and our reasons for screening them out, so you can make the final decision. In addition, we will share with you detailed information about interested candidates who could be excellent but may not meet all of your parameters, so that we can help you make a decision about which of them are worth interviewing.

Site Visit:

We will follow up after site visits to obtain feedback from the candidates and share that feedback with you.


Once you have met several neurosurgeons or neurologists and have your top candidates for the position, we will vet them through formal reference checking and discussion with neurosurgery and/or neurology insiders whom we believe will speak candidly. The reputation and relationships we have built in our fields through consistent presence at the national meetings as frequent lecturers, exhibitors and sponsors gives us a unique ability to dig deep and ensure that anyone you hire is well-respected in their field, will be an asset to your program and will fit well within your culture.


After the candidates have been ranked, we will work with you to outline an offer that will be most attractive to your first-choice candidate. We will also consult as necessary on any contractual issues. We will be closely involved to ensure that the process continues to move smoothly and quickly.


After the offer has been accepted, we stay closely involved to make sure that the licensure and credentialing process is moving forward. Once your new leader starts work, we also stay in close contact to anticipate and help resolve any issues that your he or she may encounter as they transition into his or her new role. We believe that our clients and candidates are friends for life so we will always stay in touch to make sure that your program grows successfully!

Questions about how we work? Want to know more about our process? Kindly call us anytime at 216-906-8188 or email us at bdery@rosmansearch.com.

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