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Judy Rosman, President
Judy can be reached at 216-256-9020 or by email

Beth Dery, Recruiting and Operations Manager
Beth can be reached at 216-287-2302 or by email


Neurosurgery Recruiting Team:

Nancy Cusick, Neurosurgical Recruitment Specialist
Nancy can be reached at 216-339-1677 or by email

Jonathan Haines, Neurosurgical Recruitment Specialist
Jonathan can be reached at 216-906-7662 or by email

Rachel Prero, Associate Neurosurgical Recruitment Specialist
Rachel can be reached at 216.314.0794 or by email 

Andrea Winslow, Neurosurgical Recruitment Specialist
Andrea can be reached at 216-339-5207 or by email

Neurology Recruiting Team:

Rick Bailey, Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Rick can be reached at 216-618-0492 or by email at 

Andy Fadenholz, Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Andy can be reached at 216-9901664 or by email at

Adam Hine, Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Adam can be reached at 216-905-2250 or by email at

Samantha Fletcher, Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Samantha can be reached at 216-219-6050 or by email at

Tori Gould, Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Tori can be reached at 216-410-6307 or by email at

Rebecca Roskos, Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Rebeccal can be reached at 216-697-4388 or by email at

Jason Hermanutz, Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Jason can be reached at 216-905-5666 or by email

Mariah Sullivan, Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Mariah can be reached at 216-618-0567 or by email at 

Marissa Whalen, Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Marissa can be reached at 216-618-2544 or by email

Hannah Watene, Neurology Recruitment Consultant
Hannah can be reached at 440-523-0081 or by email


Advanced Practice Provider Recruiting Team:

Cole Dittrich, Associate Advanced Practice Provider Recruiter
Cole can be reached at 216-401-8531 or by email at 

Ben Simister, Associate Advanced Practice Provider Recruiter
Ben can be reached at 216-401-2120 or by email at

Bethany Smith, Advanced Practice Provider Recruiter
Bethany can be reached at 216-618-0094 or by email


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30799 Pinetree Road, #250
Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124
Phone: 216-906-8188
Fax: 216-803-6672


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