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Navigating the Neurology Market

What is the state of the neurology market today? Samantha Fletcher describes some of the recent trends that have been observed in neurology across the United States, including neurology demand, gravitation toward subspecialty training, and more. What kind of practice is the best for you? Main Campus Academic Centers, Academic Centers, and Private Practices each have their own benefits. How much money do neurologists make? What about where is the market going? We'll outline the trends we've seen recently as well as discuss the current trajectory over the next 5 years.

Neurology Job Search Timeline

When is the best time to search for a job in neurology? Adam Hine helps by walking you through looking for a job immediately following your neurology residency or neurology fellowship. For neurologists who are currently attending physicians or faculty members, this can be a daunting task, but the timeline is often very similar. Reviewing what to prepare in the 18, 12, 6 and ultimately 3 months prior to accepting a position can help you to be on the right trajectory to the smoothest job search you'll ever have!

Additional Job Search Considerations

It's easy to have a 'must-have' checklist when you are job searching, but what are some of the intangibles that may end up being some of the most important needs that are so often overlooked? Rick Bailey explains some of these oft-overlooked considerations. Looking at the distance to family and friends, schools and familial opportunities, and lifestyle preferences can help to turn a good opportunity into a great one. Learn even more about practice types and how these affect compensation packages. 

Navigating Visa Support 

Are you a non-US Citizen interested in practicing medicine in the United States? Navigating the Department of State's visas can be difficult and we always recommend you speak directly with an immigration attorney. To learn a little bit more about what you should speak to your attorney about, Marissa Whalen will explain. J-1 visas and H-1b visas are the most prevalent, and acquiring a J-1 visa waiver can be a confusing process. Always speak to an attorney because there are nuances in every state and locality. 

Preparing for Neurology Phone Interviews

Receiving word that you have been selected for a phone interview can be both exciting and scary! Andy Fadenholz talks about some of the basic preparations to ensure that you can be as prepared for your phone interview as possible. Knowing what to ask and what not to ask can also help to show your potential new employer why you are the best fit! Making a first impression with the key stakeholders may help you to move forward in the process and maximize your options.

Preparing for Neurology Video Interviews

Some practices may forgo a phone interview for a video interview instead. Adding video to interviews does require a few technical skills and some additional considerations to take into account as the interviewer. Jason Hermanutz explains some of these nuances and offers tips on how to best prepare for your video interview. On top of some of the more technical considerations, you must also do your best to treat the video interview like an in-person interview by dressing the part, showing your interest through non-verbal cues, and answering interview questions thoroughly. 

Preparing for an On-Site Neurology Interview

The goal of your on-site interview is to get an offer! Ben Simister will walk through some of the things to expect and how to prepare for the on-site interview. Doing your research before the interview is critical so that you know who you are meeting, where you will be visiting, and what questions you will need to ask can help put your best foot forward. How early should I arrive? What should I wear? All of these questions and more may be on the top of your mind ahead of visiting the program.  

Negotiating your Neurology Contract

Once you've received a contract, it's important to remember the interview process is still happening! Andy Fadenholz explores contract negotiating in more depth. Negotiating is extremely common when you receive a sample contract and you should do your best to speak on the phone or in-person to have the most successful negotiation. Medical contract attorneys are one of the best tools you can use to make sure that the contract reflects the agreement you want to make. Collaborating with your future employer to find an agreement that makes everyone happy is always the best way to enter negotiations. 

What to do with your first Offer

Congratulations! Receiving an offer is an exciting step. Hannah Watene explores some of the types of offers that programs can put together and what the expectation is from you as the candidate. Letters of Intent, verbal arrangements, and contracts each have similarities and differences, though each can give you some idea of what working with the practice may look like. Understanding the compensation model and the differences between salary, productivity, income guarantee, etc. is also helpful to choose the best offer for you. 

Women in Neurology: Negotiating what You're Worth

According to the 2010 U.S. Census data, women in the United States make $0.81.6 for every dollar men make. Tori Gould explores the gender wage gap in the field of neurology and how this translates to an average difference of $37,000 between male and female neurologists. To combat this, we recommend conversations about compensation with trusted colleagues and mentors and doing research into appropriate salaries based on the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

COVID-19 and its Effects on the Neurology Market

The coronavirus and COVID-19 have changed the landscape of the world in a very short amount of time. Andy Fadenholz discusses some of the changes in hiring practices for programs in terms of neurology. Compensation models have been evaluated, hiring needs discussed, and candidates have been visiting fewer programs to minimize travel. Nearly universally, programs have become adept at hosting video interviews and it's very likely that this trend will continue long beyond the pandemic as well. 

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