Tips for Phone Interviews

Goal: to learn about the practice, position, and needs of the group/hospital

Good questions to ask:

  • Anything about patient volume or where you could expect referrals to come from.
  • Do they have a marketing plan or something to let the community know you’re there?
  • Where do they envision the practice going? How can you help with that vision?
  • What do they see your role looking like / what are their expectations?
  • Has there been any turnover?
  • What is the culture like on the team?
  • Is there any APP support? How are they expected to work?
  • How many patients would you be expected to see in a day? How are appointments scheduled? How much time is allocated to new patients, follow-up visits, etc.
  • Academic: What are their research expectations? Is there protected time?

When can you ask about money, vacation, and benefits?

  • First phone conversation: Learn about the practice, position, and the needs of the group/hospital.
  • First Visit: Learn about the practice, the needs of the group, and get to know the people.
  • Second Visit: Now it is appropriate to ask about money, benefits, CMEs, etc.
  • Offer Letter: Vacation and benefits will become clear. If it isn’t clear, you can clarify at this stage.


As much as you might want to: DO NOT bring up money on the first phone conversation or the first site visit. Let the practice fall in love with you!

We have seen practice raise the compensation substantially for a candidate they love. You don’t want your first impression to be a “money hungry” one!

Be yourself, be engaged, ask questions, and let your recruiter know about how the call went!

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