We talked to a lot of neurosurgeons, neurologists, practice managers and in-house recruiters when we set up our contract and rate structure. Our process is high-touch and data driven.  Our proprietary database of neurosurgeons and neurologists allows us to hit the ground running with a targeted list of exactly the type of neuroscientist you need so we can immediately contact them by phone, email and note-card. Our dedicated teams of neurosurgery and neurology recruiters will continue to contact candidates until we have a slate of viable candidates so your position will be filled with the right person for your program!

Our contract is what we consider “hybrid”. It is not fully retained nor fully contingent.  This aligns our interests with yours, provides us with the funds necessary to launch the search and ensures you that a large portion of the fee is also based on fulfilling our promise to you.
Our structure is as follows:
•    Retainer Fee: due at the inception of the search
•    Marketing Fee: due every six months beginning at contract inception (which pays for our team to go to all the neurosurgery and neurology meetings and ensures that we are compensated a little more for searches that take a long time, while searches that close quickly pay less)
•    Fulfillment Fee: due when the new hire actually starts work and is doing well

We treasure our relationships with our clients and despite the fact that people are always wary of any firm requiring a retainer of any sort, our business has thrived because of referrals from neurosurgeons, neurologists and in-house recruiters who believe that our high-touch methodology produces the best results.

"RosmanSearch did an outstanding job with this search and we truly appreciate the quality of your work and of the candidates you presented."

Beth Tze, CEO, Alexian Brothers Medical Group, Chicago, IL