Listed below are questions that are frequently asked by neurosurgeons and neurologists regarding the RosmanSearch recruiting process. We are available to assist neurosurgeons and neurolgists who are trying to find just the right job opportunity. Please feel free to call us at 216-287-2302 if you have any questions about our recruiting process. We sincerely hope that we can of service and look forward to hearing from you.

Q: Is there a charge if I want to use your service?
A: There is NEVER A FEE FOR CANDIDATES who are looking for jobs. We are paid by the hiring practice.

Q: Will you pay me a stipend if I let you represent me exclusively?
A: Some of you have told us that other recruitment firms do that. We respect your right to find the best job for you through any means at your disposal. We would never try to hold you hostage for any price.

Q: How are you paid for your service?
A: The hiring practice pays us a flat fee to consult with them, develop the ads and call lists and conduct the search. We are then paid an additional fee for successfully completing the search. Some people ask if we are paid a percentage of the first-year salary, the way corporate headhunters are commonly paid. Don't we wish!

Q: If I want a job in a particular area, can you find it for me?
A: Practices hire us to recruit for them specifically. We can share with you information about the searches we are currently running, but unfortunately we don't have the human-power to contact everyone in a particular area to see who is interested in hiring you. If we know your preferences, however, we can make sure we keep you in mind as we hear of new opportunities!

"RosmanSearch, Inc. has an uncanny ability to identify talent and match the needs of both the practice and the applicant."

Joel Siegal,
MD, Neurosurgeon,
Jewish Hospital and
St. Mary's Healthcare,
Louisville, KY