RosmanSearch's strength in Physician Executive Recruitment and neuroscience executive search comes from our extensive knowledge about what it takes to lead a neurosciences program as well as the depth of our relationships in neuroscience, neurosurgery and neurology. Our methodology of getting to know neurosurgeons and neurologists as well as we possibly can is particularly suited to Physician Executive Recruitment. We are able to understand your programmatic goals and leadership challenges so we can work with you to find the best neurosurgeon or neurologist to lead your program.

The depth and breadth of our relationships in the neurosciences allows us to vet leadership candidates and truly understand their strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone will be a fit for what you are trying to build and we will be able to save you time and money (not to mention the disaster of a bad hire!) by assisting you prioritize your candidate pool and interviewing those candidates that truly fit your criteria.

If your goal is to hire a Physician Executive to lead your Neuroscience Center of Excellence, kindly call us at 216-287-2302 to learn more about our process and how we can help.


RosmanSearch Neuroscience Physician Executive Search Process:

1)    Prepare:  During the initial phase of the search, we will learn everything we can about your opportunity. We will ensure that all questions are answered to ensure the highest chance of closing the search with the candidate of your choice. Our search consultant will visit your practice to meet with all of the stakeholders in the recruitment to understand the position, your culture and the nuances that will make the new leader successful. During the visit, we will also ensure that everyone is in agreement on the priorities for the position so that visiting candidates are given consistent messages.

2)    Research: Once we have a thorough understanding of the search parameters and priorities, we will use our knowledge of the industry as well as our proprietary database to develop a focused list of targeted candidates. The RosmanSearch database is the most accurate, extensive database of neurosurgeons and neurologists in the country. We have spent seven years building it and have two dedicated database managers who spend all day every day making sure that our information is as accurate as it can possibly be. We know the obvious and the not so obvious and our data allows us to get every search up and running as quickly as possible!

3)    Contact: During this phase we will contact everyone on the focused list by phone, email and US mail with details of your opportunity.

4)    Vet: Once we have a short list of interested candidates, we will vet them through reference checking, in-person meetings and discussion with industry insiders who will speak candidly. Our position as faculty at conference meetings and sponsors gives us a unique ability to dig deep and ensure that anyone you hire is well-respected in their field, will be an asset to your program and will fit well within your culture.

5)    Present: After we have vetted the candidates and have a short list, we will present them to you for site visits. We will coordinate the agenda with you to ensure the most productive visits possible.

6)    Offer: After the candidates have been ranked, we will work with you to outline an offer that will be most attractive to your first choice candidate. We will also consult as necessary on any contractual issues. We will be closely involved to ensure that the process continues to move smoothly and quickly.

7)    Onboard: After the offer has been accepted, we stay closely involved to make sure that the licensure and credentialing process is moving forward. Once the candidate starts work, we also stay in close contact to anticipate and solve any issues that the candidate may encounter as they transition into their new role. We believe that our clients and candidates are friends for life so we will always stay in touch to make sure that everything continues successfully!

"RosmanSearch did an outstanding job with this search and we truly appreciate the quality of your work and of the candidates you presented."

Beth Tze, CEO, Alexian Brothers Medical Group, Chicago, IL