Judy Rosman, President

Judy Rosman is the President of RosmanSearch, Inc. Judy graduated from the University of Virginia Law School in 1994 where she had a dual specialty in Tax Law and Health Law, and was the recipient of the Charles J. Frankel Award in Health Law. Judy used to be a lawyer, but she recovered.

Why Judy loves recruiting neurosurgeons: "Neurosurgeons are incredibly interesting and smart people. Your stories are amazing. I love to listen to you, and I admire you, and I thank you for what you are doing."

Judy can be reached at 216-256-9020 or by email jrosman@rosmansearch.com

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Beth Dery, Recruiting and Operations Manager

Beth is our Recruiting and Operations Manager and keeps everything running smoothly. Before joining RosmanSearch, Inc. Beth worked as Director of Hospital Contracting for Kaiser Permanente and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Beth holds an MBA from the University of Vermont and did her undergraduate studies at Brown University.

Why Beth loves recruiting neurosurgeons: "I love getting to know people and helping them solve the puzzle of where they want to be next. The right place exists for everyone and I like doing whatever I can to help find that right place for the neurosurgeons I work with."

Beth can be reached at 216-287-2302 or by email bdery@rosmansearch.com

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Nancy Cusick, Recruitment Specialist

Nancy specializes in practices in the South.  She is a former entrepreneur who honed her customer service skills running her own business. She also has extensive experience as a Sales and Customer Service Manager. Nancy has exceptional listening skills and understands how to be successful in business.

Why Nancy loves recruiting neurosurgeons: "I admire your commitment to the field of neurosurgery.  Your dedication to learning and training is impressive and I thank you for the important work that you do."

Nancy can be reached at: 216-339-1677 or by email at ncusick@rosmansearch.com.

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Jonathan Haines, Recruitment Specialist

Jonathan learned the recruiting business as an executive recruiter specializing in the financial services industry. He enjoys learning about the culture of neurosurgery and loves translating his recruiting skills into health care. He specializes in practices in the East and Mid-Atlantic.

Why Jonathan loves recruiting neurosurgeons: "I am doing my best to become a real expert in this field. I like to understand your needs and present you with the right opportunities. I read every book I can find about neurosurgery and love learning about what you want in a practice."

Jonathan can be reached at 216-906-7662 or by email jhaines@rosmansearch.com

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Rachel Prero, Associate Recruitment Specialist.

After years of working in the non-profit world, Rachel is excited to bring her talents to RosmanSearch and work with neurosurgeons! She loves helping people and hopes to build lasting relationships and benefit communities by matching high quality neurosurgeons with the right positions.

Why Rachel loves recruiting neurosurgeons: “Neurosurgeons spend so many years investing in their training. It is a privilege to help them find the right job fit so they can maximize their talents and abilities.”

Rachel can be reached at 216-314-0794 or at rprero@rosmansearch.com

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Andrea Winslow, Recruitment Specialist

Andrea specializes in practices in the South West and West. She has placed hospital and manufacturing executives but loves nothing more 

than talking to neurosurgeons. She is an expert at all things job-related and is particularly skilled at helping you understand the nuances of different opportunities.

Why Andrea loves recruiting neurosurgeons: "Neurosurgeons are interesting people and I so appreciate you taking the time to share your stories with me. I will always try to help any way I can."

Andrea can be reached at 216-339-5207 or by email awinslow@rosmansearch.com 

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"If any health care organization or private practice is in need of the BEST neurosurgery search today, there is only one firm to use. . . Judy Rosman and RosmanSearch."

Neil Carolan
Chief Physician
Development and
Integration Officer
Carondelet Health
Tucson, AZ