Picture of Judy Rosman, founder of the neurology recruiting firm, RosmanSearch

Judy Rosman, President

Judy Rosman is the President of RosmanSearch, Inc. Judy graduated from the University of Virginia Law School in 1994 where she had a dual specialty in Tax Law and Health Law, and was the recipient of the Charles J. Frankel Award in Health Law. Judy used to be a lawyer, but she recovered.

Judy can be reached at 216-256-9020 or by email jrosman@rosmansearch.com

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Picture of Beth Dery, Neurology Recruiting Manager at RosmanSearchBeth Dery, Recruiting and Operations Manager

Beth handles the day to day operations and makes sure everyone gets where they need to be! Before joining RosmanSearch, Inc. Beth worked as Director of Hospital Contracting for Kaiser Permanente and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Beth holds an MBA from the University of Vermont and did her undergraduate studies at Brown University.

Beth loves talking to clients and candidates alike. If there's anything you need to know or anything she can do to help, please call Beth (we all do!).

Beth can be reached at 216-287-2302 or by email bdery@rosmansearch.com

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undefined  Rick Bailey, Neurology Recruitment Consultant

Rick attended Wright State University in Dayton, OH.  As a veteran of the physician staffing industry, Rick is excited to bring his experience to the RosmanSearch neurology team.  He takes pride in having meaningful and longstanding relationships with physicians and believes that is the key to a successful recruitment process.  Rick understands the value that neurologists bring and is honored to be involved in the process that brings world-class physicians to communities that need their services. 

Rick can be reached at 216-618-0492 or by email at rbailey@rosmansearch.com 

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Picture of Andy FadenholzAndy Fadenholz, Neurology Recruitment Consultant

Andy completed his M.B.A and undergraduate degree at Kansas Wesleyan University. As a former college football coach he understands the importance of having a deep interpersonal relationship with the neurologists with whom he works. He admires the passion that goes into neurology and loves the fact that he can help a neurologist make a true impact on a community.

Andy can be reached at 216-990-1664 or by email at afadenholz@rosmansearch.com

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Picture of Samantha FletcherSamantha Fletcher, Neurology Recruitment Consultant

Samantha received her BA from Cleveland State University and is thrilled to apply her education towards facilitating an informative and positive environment in which to grow long lasting relationships with neuroscientists. She looks forward to using her well-honed skills in customer service and communication to assist neurologists in finding their ideal employment opportunities. She thoroughly enjoys the ongoing learning process that is being a neurology consultant and recruiter.

Samantha can be reached at 216-219-6050 or by email at sfletcher@rosmansearch.com

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Picture of Tori Gould

Tori Gould, Neurology Recruitment Consultant

Tori received her BA from the University of Pittsburgh in Marketing and loves delving into the exciting world of Neurology. She enjoys using what she’s learned to help strengthen communities by matching neurologists to areas in need of their expertise. She admires neurologists’ passions for providing superior healthcare and very much enjoys establishing sustainable relationships with both clients and candidates.

Tori can be reached at 216-410-6307 or by email at tgould@rosmansearch.com

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Picture of Jason HermanutzJason Hermanutz, Neurology Recruitment Consultant

Jason received his BScH in Psychology from Queen's University in Canada. He is always excited to learn more about the world of Neurology, and loves hearing first-hand from neurologist who are working on the forefront of one of the last great scientific frontiers. He admires the dedication that doctors have for their studies and communities, and is honored to be able to help them on their path to building something so important.

Jason can be reached at (216) 905-5666 or by email at jhermanutz@rosmansearch.com

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Picture of Adam HineAdam Hine, Neurology Recruitment Consultant

Adam received his BA from Heidelberg University located in Tiffin, OH. As the former Assistant Director of Admission and former football player at a small private liberal arts college, he understands the importance of transparency, dedication, loyalty, and customer service. Because of the transferrable skills that he received from his previous experiences, he is excited to assist neurologists learn about the neurology job market and find the perfect fit.

Adam can he be reached at 216-905.2250 or by email at ahine@rosmansearch.com

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Picture of Hannah WateneHannah Watene, Neurology Recruitment Consultant

Hannah received her BA from the Univesity of Pennsylvania. After working with the neurology department at HUP, Hannah grew to appreciate her interactions with residents and fellows in the neurology program, as well as their faculty members. She is continuously inspired by neurology as a field and hopes to learn more about its progression with each conversation. Hannah enjoys learning the little details about people that make them unique and interesting, and she hopes to use this information to find the best possible matches for employment.

Hannah can be reached at 440-523-0081 or by email at hwatene@rosmansearch.com

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Picture of Marissa Whalen, Associate Neurology Specialist

Marissa Whalen, Neurology Recruitment Consultant

A recent recipient of her BA from John Carroll University, Marissa is enthusiastic about applying her experience with customer service to helping neurologists find their ideal practices. She is an athlete who understands and has a deep appreciation for all of the incredible neurologists.

Marissa can be reached at 216-618-2544 or by email at mwhalen@rosmansearch.com

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RosmanSearch is a truly expert neurology recruiting firm you can trust. We specialize in sourcing, attracting and selecting ideal physician candidates for permanent placement in neurology jobs. The neurologists that our team recruits are employed by private neurology practices, hospitals, medical centers, academic and teaching institutions, trauma centers, universities and research facilities, neurosciences institutes, stroke centers and other health care systems.

Our neurology recruiters are specially trained in all the neurological sub-specialties currently used to take care of people with neurological disorders and to investigate, diagnose and treat individuals who have a disease or condition that is effecting their central and peripheral nervous system. Before we approach an employed neurologist, or medical students in fellowship or residency training programs, we make sure to understand and document the job requirements specified by our clients.

We recruit neurologists who focus on a wide variety of sub-specialties including neurocritical care, sports neurology, interventional neurology, general neurology, cerebrovascular/vascular/stroke neurology and other sub-specialties. Our president, Judy Rosman and our neurology recruiting manager, Beth Dery are both experts at neurological employment structures and our neurology recruiting specialists are also well versed in trends in neurology practice and compensation, training and culture.  Additionally, we recruit and place neurohospitalists and neurologists who are active in basic and clinical research and trials related to treatments options and medications for maladies effecting the autonomic nervous systems and the somatic nervous systems. 

For more information about our neurology recruitment team, review our profile on PracticeLink.

If you are a physician interested in a neurologist employment opportunity, click here to search our neurology jobs


"RosmanSearch did an outstanding job with this search and we truly appreciate the quality of your work and of the candidates you presented."

Beth Tze, CEO, Alexian Brothers Medical Group, Chicago, IL